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OpenText Experience Suite 16

Experience Suite 16 helps to maximize customer lifetime value with better creation, management and publication of media-rich, personalized experiences at every point of interaction across the customer journey

In our Digital Age, organizations seek ways to better understand the customer at every stage of their journey; a journey that is comprised of an infinite number of potential interactions. OpenText™ Experience Suite 16 offers a foundation for customer engagement with distinct capabilities related to marketing optimization, streamlined purchasing, customer contact interaction and voice of the customer solutions.

The customer journey has grown more complex and requires an omni-channel strategy that cuts across devices and technologies to ensure a rich customer experience. Experience Suite 16 addresses better engagement with customers, insight into digital content marketing asset usage and trends, and better innovation of business applications in the cloud. With Experience Suite 16, creating, managing and publishing content to deliver exceptional customer experiences has never been easier.

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What’s new in Release 16.3

To address the strategic goals of our customers, OpenText delivers a platform for digital transformation in OpenText Experience Suite Release 16.3:

  • Media Management – Digital Hub enables customers with Media Management to rapidly and efficiently create targeted microsites of digital media assets increasing productivity, reducing costs, and automating content updates and distribution
  • Exstream - Allows non-technical business users to quickly respond to changes in the market and competitive landscape and get new offerings out faster
  • TeamSite - Content authors can natively edit and preview single page applications in context of the web page it is presented on
  • Qfiniti - New Smart Agent Scorecard that includes analytics-driven questions and coaching tips that incorporate performance data
  • Digital Engagement

    Digital Engagement

    Whether external customers, employees, suppliers or partners, effectively engaging users in the digital medium of their choice is how organizations differentiate themselves. Capture user attention with personalized quotes from Salesforce, vibrant images and unified styling across mobile apps, print, web or emailed communications.

  • Optimized Production

    Optimized Production

    Digital transformation inside the enterprise can radically increase productivity through integrating business processes and applications for their employees, teams, and partners. Whether you work with one creative agency or a dozen, easily bring their beautiful designs to life on your website, automatically right-sized for the device and translated for global reach.

  • Better Insight

    Better Insight

    Better engagement, productivity and innovation are not possible without better analytical insight, backed by data and the ability to derive conclusions and predictions from it. With better insight to content usage and trends, marketing teams can gain the best value of their digital content spend and improve the ROI for each campaign.

  • Continuous Journey

    Continuous Journey

    Contact Center Workforce Optimization is growing exponentially as both a process and a technology around the rich opportunities unique to customer service centers. Where decisions are made in a moment, voice of the customer programs help to bring consumers back into a buying environment when they are motivated to extend their purchasing journey or gain information from a trusted source.

Experience Portfolio

  • Digital Asset Management

    OpenText Media Management provides leading enterprise Digital Asset Management (e-DAM) capabilities that accelerate the workflow-driven creation, collaboration, production and distribution of digital media.

  • Web Content Management

    Organizations can create and deliver dynamic, targeted websites for multiple geographic touchpoints built for high-performance, enterprise-scalable, and transaction-oriented applications provided via web solutions and optimized additional modules.

  • Marketing Optimization

    Helping digital marketers maximize the value of websites, mobile experiences, and campaigns by testing and improving personalization, geo-targeting, segmentation, design, and asset choices.

  • Customer Communications Management

    Enhance customer relationships and value by enabling automated and interactive communications of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. Simplify and automate document production and improve adoption rates with interactive correspondence.

  • Contact Center Workforce Optimization

    Drive continuous contact center and back office workforce performance and customer service improvements with fulltime call recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, process automation, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, and post-interaction surveys.

  • Analytics

    Liberate the business value hidden in your data. From strategic marketing to customer service, organizations have exhaustive data about their customers, including transaction histories, mobile app usage data, contact center records, and other sources. OpenText Experience Analytics makes it easy for digital content owners to improve their campaign messaging, targeting ROI, and customer satisfaction.