Discovery Suite

OpenText Discovery Suite 16

Discover what matters—search, extract, classify, review, and analyze content across your enterprise

OpenText Discovery Suite brings discovery analytics to enterprise content, for fast access to key documents, contract terms, personnel with expertise, and critical early insights. Using unstructured data analytics, machine learning, and interactive visualizations, our platforms are trusted by organizations worldwide to support litigation, investigations, due diligence, compliance, and better decision-making.

Whether you’re seeking end-to-end e-discovery software and services from a proven leader, accurate contract term analysis for regulatory compliance, or federated search across a wide range of sources, OpenText™ Discovery Suite will help your enterprise discover what matters.

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Discovery Portfolio

  • Axcelerate eDiscovery and Investigations

    Empowering legal teams to identify and understand the facts that matter for litigation, compliance, and governance. Axcelerate is a complete, end-to-end eDiscovery platform with proprietary advanced analytics, world class services and support, and the industry’s best predictive coding.

  • Decisiv Search

    Helping organizations find the documents, expertise, and projects they need from sources across the enterprise. Decisiv leverages powerful unstructured data analytics to expand search with concepts, metadata filters, phrase analysis, and interactive visualizations for pinpoint results.

  • Perceptiv Contract Analysis

    Connecting professionals to better data to make better decisions. Perceptiv accurately extracts and organizes millions of data points from large sets of complex contracts, providing a golden source of information for regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and profit optimization.

  • InfoFusion

    Unifying access to the unstructured information trapped in silos across your enterprise, so you can discover, analyze, and act on it. InfoFusion applications power data integration, content migration, auto-classification, semantic navigation, data archiving, and legacy decommissioning.