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OpenText Business Network 16

Ensure compliance and accelerate time to revenue with digital, agile business ecosystems of interconnected trading partners, systems, and things

OpenText Business Network enables the seamless, secure flow of information across an extended business ecosystem of business partners, systems, and devices. As a result, customer requirements are complied with and suppliers managed, while you focus on delivering your core business objectives. OpenText Business Network is comprised of multiple solutions that simplify inherent complexities and gain insights to drive efficiencies and speed time to revenue.

From B2B integration, community management, procure-to-pay, fax, secure messaging, and notifications, to complete B2B Managed Services solutions, OpenText offers the broadest portfolio available for digital business ecosystems. With the recent addition of Covisint to the Business Network portfolio, EP3 also introduces a complete, end-to-end platform for identity and access management (IAM) and Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

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What’s new in Release 16

Unparalleled opportunity for digital transformation across extended business communities

OpenText Business Network offers managed services and software to facilitate efficient, secure and compliant collaboration between people, systems, and things—providing the necessary digital foundation for automating and insight for optimizing business processes across your extended ecosystem. Release 16 represents a $2B investment over three years to support digital transformation across your entire internal and external business ecosystem.

EP3 introduces an IoT platform with the acquisition of Covisint—a complete set of capabilities to create and manage trusted information sharing and interactions across complex ecosystems of people, systems and devices. Covisint adds industry leading identity and access management (IAM) to manage and secure user-based access to trading partner backend information and systems—enabling trading partner collaboration beyond transactions alone. EP3 also delivers more B2B self-service capabilities for improved user control and flexibility, and auto-provisioning for trading partners that email invoices as PDF attachments—both from integration to OpenText Process Suite. A new offering in EP3, RightFax Managed Services, augment OpenText’s market-leading enterprise fax technology with implementation services—letting customers focus on other IT initiatives and focus on their core business.

  • Revolutionizing Fax for Healthcare

    Digital fax as a managed service

    Organizations can eliminate the challenges of internally managing their digital fax infrastructure with RightFax Managed Services to enhance agility, increase speed, and improve scalability to meet business goals. Leveraging the experts at OpenText to implement, manage and maintain RightFax, this managed services solution provides an extension of IT resources, shielding the organization from complexity and allowing it reallocate internal resources to focus on what they do best.

  • Rich Supply Chain Analytics

    Rich supply chain analytics

    OpenText Analytics Suite, embedded with Trading Grid, gives customers the ability to collect, store, combine, analyze and visualize data from sources outside Business Network, providing them with a more complete 360-degree view of supply chain risk and opportunities. Now expanded to support more industry and regional protocols.

  • Analytics for Enterprise Fax and Omni-Channel Messaging Solutions

    Analytics for enterprise fax and omni-channel messaging solutions

    Apply rich analytics to RightFax, Fax2Mail and Notifications implementations for a comprehensive view of transactions to easily access, analyze, and identify system performance, volume statistics, and message delivery information.

  • Trading Grid Web Services

    Trading Grid web services

    Adds custom web services to Trading Grid Shared Message Gateway for rapid onboarding of web services based integrations and applications support.

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access

    Anywhere, anytime access

    Supporting mobile workers on the go, Active Documents mobile interface provides end-to-end document lifecycle visibility for mission-critical supply chain transactions. The Active Orders mobile app allows suppliers to receive new order notifications, search, view status, and accept or reject orders. Buyers can search and view order status anywhere, anytime.

  • Advanced Service Orchestration

    Advanced service orchestration

    OpenText Process Suite, integrated with Business Network, supports advanced workflow and service orchestration—meeting today’s complex integration requirements. Process Suite in the Business Network also enables automated provisioning for trading partners who email invoices as PDF attachments. This simplifies and speeds trading partner’s setup, while extending the benefits of digital B2B to partners who are not capable of deep integration today. Trading Partner Graph – offers a visual way to review how trading partners are connected across your supply chain. You can quickly see what type of B2B transactions are being exchanged and which communication protocol is being used to connect with each and every trading partner across your supply chain network.

  • Business Event Notification

    Business event notification

    A new business event notification service provides real-time alerts of events - or non-events -– within your business applications such as ERP, allowing you to quickly identify issues with any mission-critical transactions and improve responsiveness to time-sensitive process requirements.

  • Trading Partner Self-Service

    Trading partner self-service

    Continued expansion of self-service capabilities for trading partners that wish to self-provision their connections and integrations to OpenText Trading Grid and Active Applications. Innovations provide greater flexibility to buyers and suppliers.

Business Network portfolio

  • Trading Grid® Messaging Service

    Exchange business documents electronically, in both XML and EDI document standards, with any trading partner, anywhere.

  • Trading Grid Analytics

    Gain deep, rich, 360 degree insights into B2B transactions to enable more informed business decisions across your supply chain.

  • B2B Managed Services

    B2B outsourcing service that provides technical infrastructure, program management, and expertise to deliver a B2B electronic commerce solution that meets your current and future needs.

  • SWIFT Service Bureau

    A secure gateway for business-to-bank document exchange to reduce the time, costs and risk of maintaining SWIFT connectivity.

  • Intelligent Web Form

    Enables small- to medium-sized businesses to utilize electronic documents using a web browser.

  • Fax2EDI, Email2EDI

    Automate order management with any trading partner, regardless of technical capability, with solutions that convert fax and email attachments to EDI.

  • Active Applications

    A suite of cloud solutions that extend supply chain processes to your entire trading partner ecosystem.

  • BizManager

    Software family that offers a complete B2B communications gateway for managed file transfer (MFT), messaging, mapping, transformation, tracking and auditing B2B transactions.

  • RightFax Fax Server

    Enterprise electronic fax solutions that enable you to send and receive faxes from desktop, email, back-end applications and MFP devices—delivering enhanced security and compliance.

  • Fax2Mail

    OpenText Fax2Mail is a cloud-based faxing service that allows your employees to send and receive faxes as electronic messages directly from their existing email accounts – anytime, anywhere. It eliminates the need for fax servers, fax machines, and related infrastructure, reducing fax costs while improving productivity.

  • Fax2Mail for Healthcare

    A cloud-based fax solution built specifically for US healthcare providers, Fax2Mail for Healthcare delivers an integrated platform to exchange patient information, streamlining patient care while optimizing clinical workflows.

  • Notification Services

    Delivers powerful omni-channel messaging capabilities to increase customer loyalty and improve visibility of communications with integrated email, SMS, voice and fax messaging in a single solution.

  • RightFax Managed Services

    Offload the complexity of an on-premises RightFax deployment to the experts at OpenText to implement, manage and maintain your digital fax infrastructure to enhance agility, and improve flexibility and scalability of IT resources with a trusted partner.

  • Order-to-Cash for the service industry

    New business logic has been added to OpenText Active Orders to support transaction process for services. This includes enhancements for a down payment process, support for frame orders, improved payment terms process, and value-based debit/credit notes.