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OpenText Analytics 16

A comprehensive AI and analytics platform featuring OpenText Magellan and OpenText Analytics Suite. Unlock insights from big data and big content

Enterprise content, the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, real-time and digital transactions all generate vast quantities of data at ever-faster rates. With terabytes, petabytes, and soon exabytes, of data gathered from sensor networks, customer activities or internal business applications, enterprises have enormous opportunities to gain intelligence about nearly anything they want to track. OpenText Magellan and Analytics Suite help unlock the insights in big data and big content.

Magellan is a pre-integrated solution that delivers machine learning, text mining, advanced analytics and enterprise-grade business intelligence (BI) that enable enterprises to use their structured and unstructured data to inform better business decisions.

OpenText Big Data Analytics and OpenText Information Hub (iHub) are key features of the Analytics Suite and work in tandem to offer an integrated platform for data preparation, data exploration, advanced analytics and interactive data visualizations.

Both Magellan and Analytics Suite seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications, offer a wide and growing range of data connectors and integration APIs and deliver easy-to-understand, mobile-friendly business analytics to track, report and analyze data in real time.

They also work hand-in-hand with the OpenText portfolio including Content Suite, Experience Suite, Process Suite, Discovery Suite and Business Network.

Magellan delivers an AI-powered analytics platform that is ready to go with machine learning, data discovery, text analytics and sophisticated visualization and dashboarding, drawn from the BI and analytics components of the OpenText Analytics Suite.

What’s new in Release 16 EP4

Even bigger data in a single view, from any source, in stunning visualizations

  • Enhanced content mining & analytics capabilities

    Enhanced content mining and analytics capabilities

    With EP4, OpenText helps users democratize the creation and management of taxonomies by enabling the intake of their own spreadsheets or CSVs for specific language or named entity types. As a result, customizing the content analytics and mining engine to work for their own unique context is simpler and more straightforward.

  • More responsive and stunning dashboard visualizations, plus new “word cloud” option

    New graphic libraries included with the suite make existing visualizations more compelling and attractive, add the popular “word cloud” graph option and intelligently resize for better responsiveness and effective repositioning on both mobile and non-freeform layouts.

  • Added big data analytics capabilities leverage Hadoop and Spark to help citizen data scientists

    Added big data analytics capabilities leverage Hadoop and Spark to help citizen data scientists

    Building on its existing highly-scalable foundation with open-source Hadoop and Spark technologies, EP4 adds the ability to perform crosstab and Venn diagram analysis in the business user view using Spark as the repository. Business users and citizen data scientists can also now transform and enrich data in Spark via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • New, native and direct connectors into a multitude of Enterprise Information Management systems

    New, native and direct connectors into a multitude of Enterprise Information Management systems

    EP4 includes native integrations into OpenText EIM solutions, including OpenText Documentum, OpenText Content Server, OpenText Archive Server and eDocs, for easy analysis of ECM data alongside other sources through Magellan. A generic CMIS connector is now also included. Furthermore, direct integrations into popular third-party tools such as Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, IBM FileNet, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint are also now available as add-ons.

Analytics portfolio

  • OpenText Big Data Analytics

    Self-service data preparation, exploration and advanced analytics for business users without depending on IT or data experts.

    • Access, blend, explore and analyze big data
    • Explore all your data in a unified view
    • Analyze billions of records in seconds
    • Eliminate complex data modeling and coding
    • Clean and enrich your data
    • Apply preprogrammed analytic techniques
    • Get fast insights with easy-to-use visual analytics
    • Cultivate user autonomy and a self-sufficient workforce
    • Share and socialize your business insights
    • Deploy in the cloud or on-premises

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  • iHub

    Design, deploy and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. Its integration APIs enable embedded analytic content in any app, on any device. iHub comes equipped with a range of self-service data visualization and reporting features that offer the right level of self-service capabilities for any user.

    Users can choose from different built-in functions that emphasize simplicity and ease of use, visual appeal to track performance with key metrics or sophisticated, powerful ad-hoc reporting with the ability to add new data sources on the fly, depending on the level of interactivity and data blending needed.

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  • Magellan

    Combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade BI and the ability to acquire, merge, manage and analyze any and all big data and big content, such as the data stored in Enterprise Information Management systems. Magellan enables machine-assisted decision making, automation and business optimization.

    • Connect, blend, and analyze virtually unlimited quantities of structured or unstructured (e.g. text) data
    • Leverage an embeddable, extensible and future-proof solution
    • Move from rear-view mirror to predicting the future and next best actions
    • Build upon and extend further the foundational components of OpenText Analytics Suite (including iHub and BDA)
    • Choose from flexible deployment options: on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid

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