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OpenText Analytics Suite 16

A comprehensive AI and analytics platform that unlocks insights from big data and big content

Enterprise content, the Internet of Things, social media, realtime and digital transactions all have one crucial thing in common: they generate vast quantities of data at ever-faster rates. With terabytes, petabytes–and soon, exabytes–of data gathered from sensor networks, customer activities, or internal business applications, enterprises have enormous opportunities to gain intelligence about nearly anything they want to track. OpenText Magellan and Analytics Suite help unlock the insights in big data and big content.

OpenText Magellan is a pre-integrated solution that delivers machine learning, text mining, advanced analytics, and enterprise-grade business intelligence (BI) that enable enterprises to use their structured and unstructured data to inform better business decisions.

OpenText Big Data Analytics and OpenText Information Hub (iHub) are key features of the Analytics Suite and work in tandem, offering an integrated platform for data preparation, data exploration, advanced analytics and interactive data visualizations.

Both Magellan and Analytics Suite seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications, offer a wide and growing range of data connectors and integration APIs, and deliver easy-to-understand, mobile-friendly business analytics that let you track, report, and analyze your data in real time.

Magellan and Analytics Suite work hand-in-hand with the OpenText portfolio including Content Suite, Experience Suite, Process Suite, and Business Network.

Magellan delivers an AI-powered analytics platform ready to go that includes machine learning, data discovery, text analytics, and sophisticated visualization and dashboarding, drawing from the proven, widely used BI and analytics components of the OpenText Analytics Suite.

What’s new in Release 16 EP3

All your data in a single view, from any source, including unstructured data

  • Deeper integration of iHub and Big Data Analytics

    Deeper integration of iHub and Big Data Analytics

    Analytics Suite features common, shared services such as single sign-on, single security model, common access, and shared data. Analysis results from OpenText Big Data Analytics can be easily shared and socialized with iHub, while iHub can now access the Big Data Analytics engine via ODA.

  • Easier self-service access to your data

    Easier self-service access to your data

    New Analytics Studio wizards in OpenText iHub help with quickly assembling and formatting your information, starting from a blank canvas. Big Data Analytics adds enhanced self-service data provisioning.

  • New connectors

    New connectors

    Broadly functional integration APIs like REST V2 and JavaScript allow for easy embedding of Analytics content. New and updated connectors include MongoDB® V2, Apache® Cassandra, Apache Spark, and Hortonworks.

  • Improved cloud readiness

    Improved cloud readiness

    Get faster cloud deployment and high availability with three new iHub appliances for PostgreSQL, iHub 16, and iHub 16 System Console.

Analytics Portfolio

  • OpenText Big Data Analytics

    Self-service data preparation, exploration, and advanced analytics for business users without depending on IT or data experts.

    • Access, blend, explore, and analyze Big Data
    • Explore all your data in a unified view
    • Analyze billions of records in seconds
    • Eliminate complex data modeling and coding
    • Clean and enrich your data
    • Apply preprogrammed analytic techniques
    • Get fast insights with easy to use visual analytics
    • Cultivate user autonomy and a self-sufficient workforce
    • Share and socialize your business insights
    • Deploy in the cloud or on premise

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  • OpenText Information Hub (iHub)

    iHub is a highly scalable, enterprise-grade deployment server for secure interactive analytic applications. It is the foundation for standalone and embedded applications in the OpenText Analytics Suite and enables you to design, deploy, and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports, and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. Its integration APIs enable embedded analytic content in any app, on any device.

    iHub comes equipped with a range of self-service data visualization and reporting features that offer the right level of self-service capabilities for any user.

    Depending on the level of interactivity and data blending you want, you can choose from different built-in functions that emphasize simplicity and ease of use, visual appeal to track performance with key metrics, or sophisticated, powerful ad-hoc reporting with the ability to add new data sources on the fly.

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  • OpenText Analytics Designer

    Analytics Designer is the free commercial-grade companion design tool for iHub. Developers use the graphical, drag-and-drop design tool and IDE based on Eclipse to create interactive applications, dashboards, and actionable business reports.

    • Powerful data merging capabilities
    • Includes Java and JavaScript scripting capabilities to extend built-in design features
    • Includes multiple commercial data drivers
    • Supports reusability of components
    • Integrate and configure granular security features
    • One-click application deployment to iHub

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