OpenText Release 16

From Engagement to Insight: Digitize, automate, and optimize your enterprise information flows

Release 16 helps manage the flow of information in the
digital enterprise, from Engagement to Insight.

Release 16Today’s disruptive digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligence of Things, are radically transforming both enterprise and consumer spaces. They are reshaping our expectations of how we work, collaborate, and conduct business.And they are feeding us more information than we’ve ever had before. Deriving meaningful insight from that information is the next major transformative activity that will fuel further disruption, bring new possibilities, and set the stage for innovative business models.

OpenText Release 16 and its Enhancement Packs (EP1, EP2, and EP3) rise to the challenge by offering the only complete solution for Enterprise Information Management (EIM)—with a comprehensive view of how information flows in a digital enterprise from Engagement to Insight. Whether you need to manage contracts, customer experiences, vendor information, legal discoveries, or procure-to-pay processes, OpenText Release 16 can digitize, automate, and optimize your information flows.

“The new web interface introduced with OpenText Content Suite 16, combined with Microsoft® Office Online integration, is seamless and simple to use, and it worked ‘out-of-the-box’ with zero effort on the part of the end user. For us, this is a win-win solution, resulting in easy collaboration and content management oversight, for both end-users and organizations alike!”

John Oram, Director, ICT & KM | CARE Canada

EP3: What’s new in Release 16?

With EP3, we provide intelligent automation through Internet of Things (IoT) support; information security capabilities; more connections with industry-leading services, and deeper integrations across the OpenText EIM platform and ecosystem.

  • 1. Facilitate Engagement to Insight

    By incorporating technology from the recent Covisint and Guidance Software acquisitions, EP3 deepens automation through enablement of IoT platforms and solutions and by empowering enterprises with new ways of collecting, managing, and securing critical information assets. EP3 also provides enhanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness with OpenText File Intelligence, letting users easily identify unmanaged personal content throughout their network and act accordingly to adhere to new privacy laws.

  • 2. Extend the ecosystem

    EP3 features new and improved ecosystem connectivity: It extends the reach of OpenText Experience Suite with applications in the Microsoft® Azure cloud and contact center integrations to Amazon Connect. It also expands the integration capabilities of OpenText Process Suite with enterprise information systems and database frameworks, breaking down barriers of siloed information. Content Suite features deeper integrations with Microsoft Office 365® and expanded SAP® Fiori support. OpenText Business Network expands customers' ecosystems to connected devices and things with new IoT solutions from the acquisition of Covisint.

  • 3. Empower end users

    Improved end user productivity and experience are key benefits of Release 16 and its enhancement packs. EP3 helps Experience Suite users rapidly deploy microsites and publish personalized content; increases B2B self-service capabilities to improve user control and flexibility in Business Network; and provides increased UI capabilities in Process Suite that drive intelligent process automation with business rules improvements. EP3 also provides simplified user experiences and mobile capabilities in Content Suite; and improves usability and accessibility of search, review, and analysis in Discovery Suite.

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From Engagement to Insight – explore the complete Release 16 portfolio.

Enterprise Information Management

OpenText Release 16 offers a complete solution for Enterprise Information Management (EIM)—with a comprehensive view of how information flows in a digital enterprise from Engagement to Insight.

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OpenText EIM adds content intelligence on information assets with Discovery.


OpenText EIM delivers insights from content and data spread across and beyond the enterprise to the point of business impact with Analytics.


OpenText EIM brokers the flow of information for initial and on-going interactions with customers (B2C) through Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Business Network

OpenText EIM brokers the flow of information for initial and on-going interactions with partners (B2B) through Business Network (BN).


OpenText EIM captures and orchestrates the flow of information across complex business processes with Business Process Management (BPM).


OpenText EIM organizes and stores all the information assets in Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

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  • OpenText Experience Suite 16

    Combine content and process to deliver optimized, continuous and connected customer experiences that help increase engagement, drive revenue and maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

  • OpenText Business Network 16

    Ensure compliance and accelerate time to revenue with digital, agile business ecosystems of interconnected trading partners, systems, and things.

  • OpenText Process Suite 16

    Gain greater insight into your operations, optimize business processes and drive growth

  • OpenText Content Suite 16

    Redefine Enterprise Content Management with an integrated, enterprise-wide information grid that transforms personal productivity, process productivity, and control

  • OpenText Discovery Suite 16

    Discover what matters—search, extract, classify, review, and analyze content across your enterprise

  • OpenText Analytics Suite 16

    A comprehensive AI and analytics platform that unlocks insights from Big Data and Big Content