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OpenText Digital Badges demonstrate expertise and build personal brands

digital badge

Digital badging

Digital badges are widely used in the technology industry as a verifiable, visual indicator of people’s knowledge, skills and competencies. They provide an easy and powerful way for people to promote their accomplishments through online and social sites and for others to verify their authenticity. Increasingly, employers are looking for proof of qualifications when hiring—and promoting.

OpenText certification achievement and course completion now award digital badges in addition to OpenText certificates to help students promote the expertise they have obtained. Digital badges are available globally for most certifications and courses offered through OpenText Learning Services.

Badge categories include

Content Server administrator 16.2.8 badge

OpenText Certified

Successful completion of technical certifications:
Roles: Administrator, Consultant, Developer, Practitioner

Content Server practitioner 16.2.8 badge

OpenText Practitioner

Successful completion of Learning Services training

Promote yourself–you are your own best advocate!

You invest time and energy into earning OpenText certification credentials. Why not promote those accomplishments and proclaim your success? Badges visually show your accomplishments and can be verified by others by simply clicking on the badge image.

  • Share

    Share with your network and tell people what you have accomplished

  • eSignature

    Add your OpenText Digital Badge to your eSignature or business card

  • Social

    Share via LinkedIn and other social media sites with searchable and verifiable badges

  • Display

    Display your official OpenText Digital Badge on blogs or personal websites


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